9am Sunday School, 10:30am Service

Women's Accountability Questions

  1. How has your personal time with God been this week? Have you been consistent in prayer and Bible reading?
  2. Have you been able to apply any biblical principles or verses to real-life situations recently? How did it impact your actions or decisions?
  3. Have you encountered any temptations or struggles with sin this week? How can we pray and support each other in overcoming them?
  4. Are you currently harboring any unforgiveness or bitterness towards anyone? Is there anyone you need to seek reconciliation with?
  5. Are there any habits or patterns that you feel may hinder your spiritual growth? How can we work together to break free from them?
  6. Are you experiencing any struggles with discontentment?  What are some ways we can pray together to encourage joy and gratitude for God’s control over our lives?
  7. How has your love for your husband and children been this week? Are you dying to self in order to serve them with joy?
  8. Have you been intentional about encouraging and disciplining others around you? Is there anyone you feel called to reach out to or support?
  9. How has your involvement in our local church community been? Are you making an effort to build meaningful relationships with other believers?
  10. Are there any areas in your life where you feel called to grow or step out of your comfort zone for God's glory?
  11. Are you engaging in any media or entertainment that might be negatively influencing your purity and your walk with Christ?
  12. How are you handling stress and anxiety, and have you been bringing your worries and concerns to God in prayer?
  13. Are you being intentional in spending time with non-believers, sharing the Gospel, and living as a witness to Christ's love?
  14. How has your gratitude and thankfulness to God been this week? Can you share some specific things you're grateful for?
  15. How can I be a better accountability partner for you? Are there specific ways you need support or encouragement in your faith journey?