9am Sunday School, 10:30am Service

Men's Accountability Questions

  1. How did you actively engage in deepening your relationship with Christ during this week? What did God impress on your mind as you read scripture?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how joyful are you in your walk with the Lord, your relationship with your spouse, your job, and your ministry at church?
  3. Has the Lord brought to your attention any specific area of your life that requires immediate attention? Do you need to confess any sins and/or are you struggling with a particular temptation?
  4. In what ways did you intentionally invest in the spiritual growth of your wife and children, or someone you are currently discipling?
  5. Have you been consistently truthful and honest in all aspects of your life this week?
  6. Did you make a conscious effort to guard your mind and heart against impure thoughts, images, or actions this week? Are you currently facing any struggles or have you experienced any failures in this area?
  7. Did you exhibit behavior consistent with the character of Christ and show respect towards the women you encountered this week?
  8. Have you taken responsibility for your actions and actively sought forgiveness and reconciliation with anyone you may have offended this week?
  9. What opportunities for sharing the Gospel did you pursue this week?
  10. How are you utilizing technology and media in a manner that honors God? Did you avoid content that promotes impurity or compromises your spiritual well-being?
  11. How did you prioritize your physical health and well-being during this week?
  12. Have you answered these questions truthfully and with honesty?