9am Sunday School, 10:30am Service

We have many ministries at CFBC, but several of them are especially critical for the health and growth of our church. Below is a list of our primary ministries, which is followed by info about our other ministries. We invite you to check them out.

Equipping Hour:

Our version of Sunday School, Equipping Hour lays the foundation for godly living, one biblical truth upon another, until we've learned the full counsel of God.  We offer classes for all ages to declare the whole purpose of God (Acts 20:27) each Sunday before morning worship. Equipping hour is a key component in how CFBC “Matures Disciples to Make Disciples.” It is the only designated time that the elders have prepared for the entire church to gather for the distinct purpose of instructing in theology, practical theology and the Bible.


Lighthouses are CFBC’s gospel-centered community groups. Their purpose is to enable us to care for and disciple one another and be a light in the city. These small fellowship groups gather in homes across the city to provide a place where we can develop intimate relationships, love, encourage, reprove, serve, build up one another, learn and apply Scripture together, pray for and with one another, compel one another towards a life of disciple-making in our respective communities and support one another in common times and in crisis moments. Find a Lighthouse near you here.

Men's Ministry:

Our aim at CFBC is to by God’s grace transform men into humble warriors. We desire to inspire men to take on our God-given mantle of leadership which simple means to responsibly lead, protect, provide for, teach, and serve those whom God has placed under our care. We affirm these duties as the five pillars of masculinity. We further affirm that apart from Christ no man can faithfully fulfill these duties. We gather as a men’s fellowship in quarterly corporate meetings and in monthly discipleship groups. Through practical Bible Studies, accountability and prayer we sharpen each other to walk in Christ’s strength, wisdom, and love so that we can lead, protect, provide for, teach and serve in the power of the Gospel.

Women's Ministry:

The Women’s Ministry is a ministry for women at Community of Faith Bible Church college age or above where one may receive grace, guidance, support, affirmation, and prayer and a ministry where love is practiced among the women of the church. The Women’s Ministry aims to inspire women to embrace and equip one another through teaching, fellowship, discipleship, and prayer and to faithfully use their gifts to the glory of God. 

Youth Ministry:

The Youth ministry serves families of CFBC by providing quality care and biblical education during CFBC’s Equipping Hour and worship service. CFBC Youth Workers undergo an application process that includes a background check, interview, first aid, CPR and AED training and certification along with ongoing biblical instruction, allowing each ministry member to serve effectively. The mission of the Youth Ministry at Community of Faith Bible Church is to glorify and worship God by serving alongside parents and caregivers in laying a strong, sound, biblical foundation in young people’s lives as we model, prepare and promote belief in God’s word, acceptance of Christ as Savior and heralding the gospel in truth and in love.

Young Adults Ministry:

The Young Adult Ministry urges young adults to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which we have been called by promoting spiritual unity, holiness, biblical encouragement, service and evangelism in ages 18 to 35. The ministry urges the congregation in this group to cultivate authentic relationships that produce accountability, sanctify each other through studying God’s Word, uplift one another through intercessory prayer, exercise the fruits of the Spirit to serve others as well as committing itself to accurately proclaiming and explaining the Gospel to young people.



Fearfully & Wonderfully Made: A Shadow Program for Children with Disabilities. For more info about FWM, click here.