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Romans (NT Survey)

The Apostle Paul wrote Romans most likely from Corinth toward the end of his 3rd missionary journey around A.D. 56

II. Letter address to
This letter is address to Christians who live in Rome. Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire. This city had a population of over one million people. The population included possible 40,000 to 50,000 Jews. The population in the city were people from all over the Roman Empire. Many of the population were slaves. There was mixture of cultures in the city and many religions. The city of Rome was also know for its lack of morals. One historian described Rome as a place where all sorts of evil and shameful practices collected from all over the Roman Empire. At the time of Paul’s writing Nero was king of the Roman Empire. Nero had not begun his great persecution of the church. But he was still a perverted evil leader.
The founding of the church at Rome is not know for sure. But it was probably through Jews saved on the day of Pentecost who went back to Rome and founded this church. This church was mainly though made up of Gentile believers. The church at Rome was a good church
III. The Occassion of writing this book
Paul had not visited the church in Rome. And so he writes to introduce himself to this church. The church at Rome was a sound church. Paul does not correct error in this church like he did with the Galatians. But this church also had not been under apostolic teaching. And so Romans is written to give this church theological truths concerning the gospel. The gospel is good news that GOD justifies wicked condemned sinners, forgiving their sins, giving them HIS righteousness by grace alone, through faith in CHRIST alone. This letter is the greatest theological work given to the church. But it is not only theology. But it is also a book with practical exhortations. The great theological truths of this book are to be lived out in the Christian’s life.
 Also Paul is coming to the end of his third missionary. He is planning to go to Jerusalem after this to bring the offerings collection for the Jerusalem church. After this he was planning to go to Spain. On the way to Spain he hoped to visit Rome. And so Paul also writes this letter to develop a relationship with the Roman church so that they can partner with him as he tries to extend his missionary work to areas beyond them.
IV. Purpose of Letter
The purpose of this letter is for the Apostle Paul to teach the great truths of the gospel to a people who had not received apostolic teaching before.
V. Key verse
Romans 1:16, 17
VI. Outline
I. Introduction & Theme (1:1 - 17)
II. Condemnation of all men (1:18-3:20)
III. Justification by faith alone in CHRIST alone (3:21-5:21)
IV. Sanctification of the believers (6:1-8:39)
V. Vindication of GOD’S righteousness (9:1-11:36)
VI. Application of the Righteousness of GOD (12:1-15:3)
VI. Conclusion (15:14-16;27)