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The Gospel According to Moses - Thematic Genesis Chapter Headings

The Introduction of God's Story of Mankind and the World, Genesis 14 In man's experience, there are no such things as "fate" or "chance." From the very beginning, God sovereignly and providentially works through all things to move history towards His determined goal, Gen 3:15 (Ramesh P. Richard, "Premillennialism as a Philosophy of HistoryPart 2: Elements of a Biblical Ph...

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Christians, Identity, and the Church

There are a lot of debates these days about identity - debates about political identity, ethnic identity, racial identity, sexual identity, gender identity, and the list goes on. Lines are drawn in the sand, sides are taken, flags are raised, and walls are built. People rally to and around their preferred identity group with no room for dialogue or compromise. It's either...

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Men, Be Like the Last Adam, Not the First

Where did Adam go wrong? This is an important question for all of us. However, it is particularly an important question for men. While God created us male and female in His image and likeness and even delegated the creation mandate (to subdue and rule creation) to us as male and female, God did not hold the man and woman equally responsible for the fall. The NT squarely l...

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